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At Radiant Law, we believe there’s a better way for large companies to enter into and manage their commercial contracts.

With the security of expert legal judgement, the rigour of clear and measurable processes and the efficiency of legal technology, Radiant Law negotiates, reviews and fixes high-volume commercial contracts. We provide agile and flexible solutions that deliver more business value, help build better commercial relationships and free up your in-house team to focus on the strategic issues that really matter. Oh, and our fixed-price model ensures that we’re focused on efficiency, and our goals are always entirely aligned with yours.

Take a look below at how our combination of people, process, technology and pricing provides a flexible solution to suit your unique requirements, and then find out more about the support we provide:

Expertise you can trustPeople


Expertise you can trust

You need to know that your business is in safe hands. We’re proud to have built a team of some of the best professionals in the industry.

Radiant Law’s exceptional lawyers based in London, Cape Town and Johannesburg have extensive experience in commercial contract support. We provide you with legal judgement calls based on our expertise, bringing a knowledge of what really works in the market and keeping your overall business objectives at the heart of what we do.

We can provide a flexible, scalable team to meet the most demanding of projects, and believe a collaborative approach is key to building long-term valuable relationships with your contracting partners. We won’t “over-lawyer” matters or take an overly academic approach to legal issues. Instead, we will roll up our sleeves and give you practical, hands-on commercial advice and support.

Let us introduce you to some of our team >

Process you can rely onProcess


Process you can rely on

At Radiant Law we believe that smart processes and strong project management are key to delivering successful projects and services. Before we begin working with you our sales, design and on-boarding processes will focus on identifying your unique needs. Then, our approach to contracting is built around your commercial objectives, ensuring you always get the results you want.

During each engagement we use robust metrics to ensure that we are delivering against your needs. We apply what we learn from the process to improve standard terms and approaches to negotiations. The result: better contracts are closed faster.

You can learn more about some of the tools and process that are important to our approach, including:

Simple solutions to manage the routineTechnology


Simple solutions to manage the routine

There’s a lot being written about AI and robots taking over lawyers’ jobs, but at Radiant Law we’re more pragmatic. We believe that technology is critical to delivering value to our clients but we’re not convinced it will be putting us all out of a job any time soon. For us, technology means simple, straightforward and easy-to-implement solutions that allow both our team and yours to work faster, more efficiently and collaboratively.

We always look for ways to apply automation to our services to deliver better value and speed up the processes we manage and the projects we deliver for you. Technology is a means to an end – we employ it where it makes sense. We invest heavily in developing our own proprietary software, which includes employing our own team of developers, and, where appropriate, we also use best-in-class third party products.

Radiant Law has deep experience of the legal technologies that work best in practice. We can help you identify the systems that will be best meet your particular needs and how best to deliver the benefits of these transformation projects.

Find out more about our approach to technology, some of the solutions we provide as part of our service and how we can help you to review and roll out the right LawTech solutions for your business >

Fixed pricing to focus on resultsPricing


Fixed pricing to focus on results

At Radiant Law our business model is based on giving you price certainty. We believe that the value you receive from us is what is important. We give you fixed prices for each project so you don’t have to worry about hidden assumptions or cost overruns. Fixed pricing aligns our  interests with yours, encouraging smarter ways of working and fast implementation.

For high volume commercial contracts, we typically price on a fixed monthly amount with either an agreed volume range or points allocated per type of contract. For either model, the factors influencing price include volume, contract complexity, service levels and the hand-offs and dependencies (e.g., responsibility for seeking internal approvals from internal departments). In each case, we will work with you to agree which model best meets your needs, to ensure our pricing delivers value.

In addition to offering competitive pricing, we can deliver far broader commercial value for clients. For example:

  • working for a multinational media organisation, we have freed-up on average 30% of the time of the Legal Team to work on more strategic matters
  • with a global financial institution we reduced the average time to complete contracts from weeks to days, allowing the sales team to meet a highly aggressive growth target and improve the business’s cash-flow and revenues.

Whatever your requirements, we’d love to talk about what you’re looking to achieve and how our fixed pricing approach can deliver peace of mind and serious value to your business.




"They bring a fresh approach and offer innovative and new ideas. They are real visionaries."

Client feedback, Chambers 2016

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