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More for less. A safe pair of hands. Efficient by design. Radiant Law’s managed legal services offer an efficient, fast and cost-effective way to process high volume day-to-day matters, manage risk and delight your customers, providing valuable insight along the way and enabling your team to focus on the strategic priorities.

We provide a managed legal service for high volumes of procurement, licensing, sales and other commercial contracts, with an approach that brings together operational rigour, scalability, better processes, proprietary technology and the judgement calls of our experienced lawyers.

We can support the whole contract lifecycle, from clarifying objectives, creating the contracts through negotiations to closing, and beyond that to post-signature contract management.


  • Radiant Law can help you improve business agility by delivering projects faster, starting your commercial relationships on a better footing, reducing risk by standardising your contract terms and ensuring that agreements that you enter into are within your risk parameters.
  • Our lawyers will behave as an extension of your in-house team. They will think the same way, ask the same questions, understand your systems and processes at a granular level and have the same approach to the business.

  • We capture knowledge centrally (not just in someone’s head), which means you don’t need to keep retraining due to staff turnover.

  • Our services are scalable to ensure a consistent level of service through periods of high demand or staff holiday leave.

Take a look at some of the elements of our managed legal services:


Exploring and documenting your objectivesNeeds analysis and design

Needs Analysis and Design

Every project starts with exploring and documenting client needs and objectives. We believe that every client is different so we design a service around your unique needs to truly create business value. This will typically include consideration of variables including contract types, contract complexity, required service levels, governance model and touch points with the business.

As part of this process, we identify the types of contracts best suited to a managed legal services solution and those best retained by the in-house function. The involvement of our senior lawyers means that we are able to effectively and safely balance the efficiency gains to be made from standardisation. It means that we can also deal with bespoke cases in a way that best protects our clients.

Demonstrating the value of managed legal servicesPilots


New clients often pilot our managed legal service on a discrete contract portfolio or area of the business before rolling it out to the wider organisation. Typically, a pilot will involve a set-up together with a short “run” period to demonstrate the value of the solution.

During this time the delivery model is tested and adjusted as necessary to ensure that the solution meets the client’s needs. It also allows the Radiant Law team to build rapport and trust with the key stakeholders and to develop and improve key tools for the service such as precedents, playbooks and metrics reporting.

Capture requirements and manage resourceIntake and triage

Intake and Triage

We offer an intake and triage process that can either be based on structured forms which we create to accept instructions or an online portal that we provide. The portal can be supplemented with training videos, key documents and expert system applications to enable self-service.

Where matters are raised by the business, the instructions are reviewed by a lawyer against pre-agreed criteria such as value and risk factors. The matter is then allocated through an agreed process to either a Radiant Law or client lawyer. For simple issues, this process is automated using Flow, our workflow system.

This managed process allows in-house teams to track key metrics for all matters they support, ensures that the right person is working on each matter and increase responsiveness to the business.

Processes and technology we useRun services

Run Services

Where we are supporting contracts that are based on the client’s standard terms we often introduce document automation so that the business can create a tailored contract in an efficient manner and based on their business objectives. The advantages of this include both speed of production and the ability to quickly roll-out updates to the contract based on learning from our continuous improvement process. The contract is generated by the business user and then sent to the other side. The process does not normally require an initial legal review as the document automation technology ensures that the contract meets the client’s requirements.

If we are supporting a contract based on the other side’s paper or having received the mark-up back from the other side, there is usually an initial call with the client team to ensure that the objectives of the transaction and the commercial nuances are clear.

The first draft or initial markup is reviewed by one of our lawyers, supported by a playbook of pre-agreed acceptable fall-back positions that we maintain for the client to ensure consistent standards and to speed up the time to close contracts. Any new learning is captured at that stage in the playbook (and potentially the contract template where agreed), so issues only need to be raised once. The response is sent back to the other side and where points remain outstanding, there will be further calls involving experienced lawyers to negotiate the final issues to closing.

The contract is then finalised, signed (ideally using esignatures, which we support for a number of clients) and then any relevant data from the contract can be extracted in standard format for uploading into the client’s contract management system.

The entire process is managed through Flow, our workflow system, which allows clients to track, through a live dashboard, the key metrics for the process (such as time to close) but also drill into the details for any particular matter. We can also build specific reports to identify relevant activities such as continuous improvement.

Capturing learning and fine-tuning the approachContinuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

A core part of the Radiant Law managed legal service is our continuous improvement process. We provide ongoing reporting against agreed metrics and a programme of reviews to identify opportunities for process improvement and further automation. We constantly look for how to do things in a smarter way to create value for our clients, including ensuring learning is routinely captured, optimised and recycled back into the contracting process.

Simple solutions to add valueTechnology


We seek to use technology in as many parts of the services as make sense. We have found that the legal IT market does not always have the best solutions so we use a combination of our own proprietary systems Flow and Remarkable and specialised legal technology such as document automation and machine learning systems.

We are flexible in adopting client systems, to help facilitate security reviews and quick take-on of services. This means that we do not impose solutions on clients, but instead identify the systems in place and look for opportunities to offer additional value.

Find out more about our approach to technology and how we can help you to review and roll out the right LawTech solutions for your business.

Ensure quality meets expectationsGovernance


We agree a governance process with the client that meets the client’s needs. Governance usually takes the form of a number of initial calls/ meetings with stakeholders during the set-up stage to ensure alignment, followed by ongoing regular meetings.

At the governance meeting we report on progress against the milestones and cover variances, obstacles and opportunities to improve the service to ensure needs are always being met. In addition, we provide reports for governance meetings to highlight progress and continuous improvement activities.

Management information is available via a live client dashboard, Flow, allowing clients to drill down into the status of specific matters as well as tracking of performance for relevant metrics.

Fixed pricing for peace of mindPricing


At Radiant Law our business model is based on giving you price certainty. We believe that the value you receive from us is what is important. We give you fixed prices for each project so you don’t have to worry about hidden assumptions or cost overruns. Fixed pricing aligns our interests with yours, encouraging smarter ways of working and fast implementation.

We typically price either on a per contract basis or a monthly retainer within an agreed volume range. For either model, the factors influencing price include volume, contract complexity, service levels and the hand-offs and dependencies (e.g., responsibility for seeking internal approvals from internal departments). In every case we like to discuss which approach would best meet your needs and in each case, we will work with you to ensure our pricing delivers value.

In addition to offering competitive pricing, we can deliver far broader commercial value for clients. For example:

  • we have freed-up on average 30% of the time of a client’s in-house legal team to work on more strategic matters;
  • we have reduced the average time to complete contracts on an account from weeks to days, allowing the sales team to meet a highly aggressive growth target and improve the business’s cash-flow and revenues.

"Their system means our in-house team can focus on the stuff it really needs to focus on."

Client feedback, Chambers 2016

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