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In-house legal teams are under tremendous pressure. Workloads are escalating, budgets are being scrutinised, retention and motivation issues are on the rise, there’s a growing demand for metrics and measurement of output and impact and at the same time business leaders require increasingly complex strategic guidance.

The pressures on in-house teams both to deliver more for less and to add more business value are not going away.

As a result, many GCs are looking at the right balance of internal and external support to deliver business value cost-effectively.

Managed legal services can be a key enabler to addressing the challenges facing in-house legal teams, by freeing up resource to operate more proactively and enhance legal’s perceived value in the business.

As with any change programme, the key question is how to implement these services successfully so that there is genuine support for the new operating model and the business case delivers on its promise?


Tackling changeImplementing Managed Legal Services

Implementing Managed Legal Services


"Their system means our in-house team can focus on the stuff it really needs to focus on."

Client feedback, Chambers 2016

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