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Large scale reviews. Judgement calls. Valuable management intelligence. Radiant Law’s scalable team of highly skilled lawyers and project managers handle reviews, remediation and transfers using the most efficient technology and processes to manage your position. Expertise you can trust, process you can rely on and results you can be certain of.

Your business may need large-scale reviews of existing commercial contracts as part of your M&A and outsourcing transactions, the introduction of new contract management systems or the need to understand existing contracts, and those reviews are often followed by the contracts being transferred, amended or rights of use being agreed.

Radiant Law provides a high volume review service overseen by highly experienced lawyers and supported by rigorous project management. We also support high volumes of contract renegotiations using our team of commercial contracts lawyers.


Understanding your objectives and meeting your needsContract reviews

Contract reviews

A contract review project will often start with a workshop to confirm the client’s objectives, agree strategic approach, review the scope of the project, confirm the plan and timelines and agree the governance and reporting approach. We also review treatment policies for different issues.

We usually perform an initial review of a sample of contracts to ensure that the results are in line with client’s expectations and meet their objectives. Once the initial review is approved, we provide a high scale team of lawyers and paralegals overseen by a project management lead and a highly experienced lawyer who performs quality assurance and provides judgement calls on unclear issues.

The team uses machine learning systems to identify relevant provisions where applicable to ensure accuracy and completeness and Playbooks to ensure that issues are addressed in a rigorous and consistent manner.

Radiant Law's negotiation serviceContract remediation and transfers

Contract remediation and transfers

Where contracts need to be transferred, split, amended or rights of use need to be granted, we provide a negotiation service.

Radiant Law deploys a team of commercial contracts lawyers with tiered judgement calls who use the playbook to ensure consistent standards and fast turnaround, and escalate to the client for guidance on positions outside the playbook. Radiant Law will also identify previously negotiated positions with clients in accordance with the treatment policy agreed during the workshop.

Radiant Law can manage the overall negotiation process, including  identifying positions which may need to be incorporated in the new contract, providing legal input as necessary to finalise the agreements and escalating legal/ commercial issues to the client in accordance with the playbook.

Start faster, capture learning and handle every issue consistentlyPlaybooks


Radiant Law uses playbooks as a core part of its managed legal services to track client positions on issues that commonly arise in negotiations and document how issues should be escalated.

Playbooks set out approved wording and rationale for your positions and when points should be escalated. They can also document the way issues should be escalated, for example which person or department should be referred to for a particular point.

We use playbooks both for working from your standard terms as well as the other side’s paper. This allows us to handle all negotiations in a consistent way.

Playbooks are stored in a way that allows us to easily share them with you, and are also presented within our Remarkable environment so that our lawyers see the relevant responses as they progress through the contract, improving speed, accuracy and consistency.

Radiant Law has developed a user-friendly creation and update process to ensure that playbooks can be created easily without heavy initial involvement on your part. Playbooks will also be updated after every negotiation so that they always reflect the latest positions and capture lessons learnt.


Start faster: Our creation process allows us to quickly generate a first version of the playbook for your approval without needing your involvement. We do this by thoroughly reviewing historical contract negotiations.  We are able to supplement this process with recommended positions based on our experience of market standards and particular issues that arise for the relevant types of deals.

Appropriate escalation and triage: The playbook will ensure that we escalate to your team at the appropriate times according to the rules they set, while also truly freeing them up by ensuring that we don’t ask the same question twice.

Consistency: You have certainty that issues will be handled in a consistent manner so that the final contract reflects the business’ risk appetite and that your contract portfolio is consistent and manageable.

Save time: We minimise the need for us to refer back to the business and legal teams.  We do this by ensuring that each time a new issue arises, the agreed positions to be taken are captured in the playbook and used again in the future without the need for further discussions.

Continuous improvement: The playbooks form a core part of our continuous improvement process, allowing us to speed up the negotiations of your contracts by capturing learning and fine tuning responses.



Ensure quality meets expectationsGovernance


We agree a governance process with the client that meets the client’s needs. Governance usually takes the form of a number of initial calls/ meetings with stakeholders during the set-up stage to ensure alignment followed by ongoing weekly status calls. At the weekly status call we report on progress against the milestones and cover variances, obstacles and opportunities to improve the service to ensure needs are always being met.

We also provide a live analytics tracker, Flow, showing progress against the plan and identifying any blockers.

Active management and assistanceProject management

Project management

Radiant Law brings project management capabilities and experience as well as resource scaling to ensure that your contract project is delivered on time. We produce, manage and report against project plans, and use swim-lane process maps, checklists, playbooks and project manuals, which are all agreed with you to ensure delivery within your timeframes.



"They're a fantastic team to work with, able to take a very practical approach to our needs."

Client feedback, Chambers 2017

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