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Onwards and upwards

Posted on Dec 20, 2017

It’s been a big year for legal services, with mergers, partnerships, technology developments and new market entrants galore. The in-house lawyer has certainly never had so many choices around how they manage priorities and support their business.

At Radiant Law we take time in pretty much every meeting to ask ‘Does it meet our clients’ needs? Are we looking for opportunities to improve?’ When I sat down to reflect on what to say to the team at our year-end get together, I’m pretty proud that this year we’ve hit the ball further out of the park than ever before.

We simplified what we do, putting in place new systems that further streamline the way we work and crystallising ‘the Radiant Way’ - from reviewing every single client and finding new ways to add value, to improving our processes and developing new ways to demonstrate how we are performing and meeting client needs.

We did a spot of interior design in our Cape Town office and then made it easy for everyone to work from anywhere else they like. Meanwhile, there is a faster pace to the firm and we have never pulled together so closely.  I’m privileged to be surrounded by such a great group of people, and excited to have welcomed seven new team members this year - Jenna, Nox, Juliet, Lebo, Jason, Marius and Nonti - and to have four more joining in January to support a raft of new clients. (I admit to feeling more than a year older from dealing with millennials …)

We collaborated and became more networked, with a number of partnerships promising great things for 2018.  We became a technology company with the launch of RemarkableX and moved first with our GDPR service. We released our in-house workflow system and continued to burnish our analytics dashboard, and we have started the process of re-engineering behind the scenes with a bleeding-edge serverless platform.

Through it all, our clients have been bold, demanding (in the best way) and open-minded, giving us great feedback and the motivation to continue improving.

So when I look back on those questions, ‘Does it meet our clients’ needs? Are we looking for opportunities to improve?’ I can confidently say yes. It has been an incredible year, and I’d like to say a big thank you to all those people we work with, who have supported us, listened and followed us, and those who work every day to make Radiant Law a success for its clients. Onwards and upwards!

Alex Hamilton, CEO