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GDPR remediation: what we're seeing

Posted on Feb 9, 2018

With the deadline in just a little over three months, we are now well underway supporting many organisations with their GDPR remediation projects. Even now, though, we are hearing that there’s still some uncertainty about how to tackle the scale of the challenge.

We have some projects where clients have chosen not to use our online negotiation platform – in those instances we are seeing a very low level of responses within five days where the client has specified a more traditional approach. The response rate on the agreements we're handling through our platform is currently around 47% within five days.

We are also seeing that smaller companies (processors) are becoming overwhelmed with the requests to remediate – so our advice to our clients is to keep the agreements simple!

If you'd like to hear more about the lessons we've learned on how best to manage the process, and how our simple end-to-end remediation service might help, or if you'd like access to a short video demonstrating how our online negotiation platform works, email us today.