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Commercial Litigation: Jurisdictional Comparisons 2nd Edition

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

Radiant Law's Andrew Horrocks's co-authored book, Commercial Litigation: Jurisdictional Comparisons, has recently had its Second Edition published and is now available.

"Commercial Litigation (2nd Edition) aims to provide a first port of call for clients and lawyers who are or may become involved in litigation in an unfamiliar jurisdiction. Each chapter is set out in such a way that readers can make quick comparisons between the litigation terrain in each country, determining the differences between, for example, the disclosure procedure in England and Wales and the US system of discovery. While in some instances the litigation procedure will seem quite familiar, in other jurisdictions there will be substantial differences. Each of the chapters provides an overview of the formalities to be expected and the procedure used in court in each of the numerous countries the book will cover, and will use a consistent format for ease of comparison.

A remarkable breadth of jurisdictions is covered in the 2nd Edition from common and civil law jurisdictions, with contributions from leading lawyers in their countries who are ideally placed to provide practical, straightforward commentary on the inner workings of their respective legal systems." Sweet & Maxwell, September 2015

Find out more about Commercial Litigation: Jurisdictional Comparisons here.