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Radiant Law is at the forefront of transforming the way commercial contracts are supported in large organisations.

We negotiate, review and fix high-volume sales, procurement, licensing and other commercial contracts, and can support the whole contract lifecycle, from initial design through to negotiation, management and reporting as part of our Managed Legal Service.

We also undertake large-scale reviews of high volumes of existing commercial contracts, especially where support is needed to renegotiate, transfer or obtain rights to use, for example with remediation of contracts for GDPR. In addition we offer in-depth support for all aspects of major outsourcing transactions.

We are leading the way in finding fast, simple tech solutions to legal contracting headaches, both through the development of our own proprietary software and through the review and implementation of best-in-class third party systems.

Whatever commercial contracting needs you have, Radiant Law is focused on achieving your goals to create clear-cut solutions and deliver outstanding results quickly and effectively.  A fresh approach. Expertise you can trust. Scalability built in. Fixed pricing for peace of mind. Commercial and financial value for your business. Radiant Law can transform the way you do commercial contracting.

Find out more about the support we offer, as well as a few of the tools and processes that are important to our approach:


Start faster, capture learning and handle every issue consistentlyPlaybooks


Radiant Law uses playbooks as a core part of its managed legal services to track client positions on issues that commonly arise in negotiations and document how issues should be escalated.

Playbooks set out approved wording and rationale for your positions and when points should be escalated. They can also document the way issues should be escalated, for example which person or department should be referred to for a particular point.

We use playbooks both for working from your standard terms as well as the other side’s paper. This allows us to handle all negotiations in a consistent way.

Playbooks are stored in a way that allows us to easily share them with you, and are also presented within our Remarkable environment so that our lawyers see the relevant responses as they progress through the contract, improving speed, accuracy and consistency.

Radiant Law has developed a user-friendly creation and update process to ensure that playbooks can be created easily without heavy initial involvement on your part. Playbooks will also be updated after every negotiation so that they always reflect the latest positions and capture lessons learnt.


Start faster: Our creation process allows us to quickly generate a first version of the playbook for your approval without needing your involvement. We do this by thoroughly reviewing historical contract negotiations.  We are able to supplement this process with recommended positions based on our experience of market standards and particular issues that arise for the relevant types of deals.

Appropriate escalation and triage: The playbook will ensure that we escalate to your team at the appropriate times according to the rules they set, while also truly freeing them up by ensuring that we don’t ask the same question twice.

Consistency: You have certainty that issues will be handled in a consistent manner so that the final contract reflects the business’ risk appetite and that your contract portfolio is consistent and manageable.

Save time: We minimise the need for us to refer back to the business and legal teams.  We do this by ensuring that each time a new issue arises, the agreed positions to be taken are captured in the playbook and used again in the future without the need for further discussions.

Continuous improvement: The playbooks form a core part of our continuous improvement process, allowing us to speed up the negotiations of your contracts by capturing learning and fine tuning responses.

Placing your objectives at the heart of your contracting processObjective-led contracting

Objective-Led Contracting

The process by which contracts are drafted and negotiated is all too often dominated by the ‘noise’ of many less important issues, losing focus on the real business objectives. At Radiant Law, we believe that this process can be improved by identifying, ranking and prioritising objectives at the outset of any transaction and then placing those objectives at the heart of the contracting process. This leads to higher quality contracts that are fully aligned to business outcomes and that ultimately this leads to better contractual relationships.

Contract Objectives

We work with you at the very beginning of the transaction to identify, rank and document your objectives. We believe it is essential to focus as much, if not more, on opportunities under the transaction as the mitigation of risks.

We can propose and agree with you a strategy to show how the objectives can be delivered through the contract, the key priorities that need to be addressed in the contract and the extent to which they can easily be achieved against market standards.

We create a highly-tailored RFP and contract, based on the agreed strategy, which leads to more focused, shorter and more effective contract terms.

At the down-select stages, we work with you to identify the objectives that are most relevant to the decision and focus our review and reports on supplier responses based on the extent to which the supplier is able and willing to meet the objectives.

The negotiations are focused on achieving the objectives, with other issues treated as low priority if they don’t support an objective. Throughout the negotiation process we report on the status of open issues based on how they impact objectives.

On completion, we deliver an objectives-focused report showing how the objectives have been achieved in the negotiations represented in the final contract.

Contracting Process Objectives

In addition to capturing deal objectives, the objectives and constraints relating to the contracting process are also captured.  

Our analysis will show not only how we recommend addressing the objectives in the contract, but also identify where there may be tensions between achieving the best contractual outcomes requiring strong competitive leverage versus aggressive deal deadlines. We will work with you to find the right balance so that you are in control from the beginning of the play-offs that are inherent in these transactions.

We recognise that there are tensions between objectives, deal process objectives and what is generally achievable in the market. Our aim is to assist clients upfront to understand the art of the possible and help them prioritise objectives accordingly. This may lead to on-going adjustments in the objectives and we encourage clients to be open minded about that. Our advice is informed by deep experience and analysis of what has been achieved in many different deals, but we avoid making assumptions about what the market will bear on specific issues.


  • You are more likely to achieve a better outcome in your contract by focusing up-front on what matters
  • The contracting process is faster as issues that don’t matter can be resolved quickly.
  • The contractual relationship starts on a better footing, with a clear understanding by the parties of what is trying to be achieved and a more manageable contract.
Capturing learning and fine-tuning the approachContinuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is at the centre of how we think and act at Radiant Law. We constantly look for how to do things in a smarter way to create value for our clients. Two principles we live by are:

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing” (Deming)

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all” (Drucker)

Our aim is for our service to be demonstrably improving on an ongoing basis, ensuring learning is routinely captured, optimised and recycled back into the process. Changes to the services are also delivered in a way as to allow for accelerated progress without affect the immediately quality or experience of internal or external clients.

Key elements of our continuous improvement programme include:

  • the Radiant Continuous Improvement Group, which meets fortnightly to a) ensure learning on one account are applied across all accounts, and b) discuss and develop ideas posted on the Continuous Improvement communication channel and agree where to focus investment;
  • using client surveys to gauge sentiment, obtain early sight of issues and obtain ideas for improvement;
  • project managers, developers and business analysts integrated with our lawyers as a single team to better meet client needs; and
  • a standard process at the end of each matter where the Delivery Agent is prompted to identify opportunities to improve the rulebook, template or process.

Examples of continuous improvement projects include:

  • regular updates to rulebooks;
  • identifying opportunities to improve standard templates to reduce the need for negotiation;
  • further automation of standard templates;
  • reviewing the process, to remove inefficiencies and waste;
  • identify training and know-how needs and build training and knowledge management resources based on the principle of having the right knowledge at the right time. We use a semantic wiki to deliver training and knowledge management resources. Examples of resources that we deploy include: online exercises, practice notes on legal and commercial issues, video training, clause libraries and check lists;
  • providing training and resources to assist business teams at the client in the parts they play in the process (we can build specific SharePoint or other sites for business teams to deliver useful materials and videos); and
  • regular checkpoints with the client to understand whether identified needs have changed, the extent to which needs are being met and opportunities to improve the service.

"They bring a fresh approach and offer innovative and new ideas. They are real visionaries."

Client feedback, Chambers 2016

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