• The outsourcing market is fast-evolving, and outsourcing transactions are complex, both in terms of the process of negotiating them and the level of commercial understanding required, and the delivery of services over long periods, often years.

    As a result, too often a customer will stay with its existing supplier with a little-changed agreement. Added to that, these deals increasingly do not deliver on their promise because the process by which they are drafted, negotiated and implemented is dominated by traditional law firm and advisory approaches and the ‘noise’ of minor issues that arise from the use of standard templates.

    Challenging traditional sourcing

    A podcast about taking an objective-led contracting approach

  • We all want increasing value, every day. The early lure of outsourcing was that expert suppliers could deliver this for all of your back office services. The reality hasn’t been quite so straightforward.

    Cost and efficiency savings remain a significant driver for any outsourcing arrangement, but outsourcing is also driving business change, innovation and flexibility. As a result, the management of outsourcing deals has become more complex, the legal and risk factors more complicated and the opportunity to change the status quo more elusive.


    Outsourcing renegotiations and rebids

    Maximising your sourcing strategy

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    Trust, trustworthiness and outsourcing

    Competence, reliability, honesty

  • Complex outsourcing deals. An objective-led approach to focus on what really matters. Our support helps define key commercial and strategic goals and put them at the heart of the sourcing process. Fine-tune your strategy, close deals faster and develop truly collaborative relationships with your customers and suppliers.

    Whether your deal involves traditional outsourcing, where people and assets are transferred, offshoring, shared services, building an offshore captive, second or third generation outsourcing or taking services back in-house, Radiant Law’s team has the relevant expertise, experience and processes to assist you.

    We have extensive experience in all aspects of IT outsourcing including cloud, infrastructure, networks and application development and maintenance outsourcing. We have also advised on many business process outsourcing transactions, including HR, knowledge processing, finance and administration and facilities outsourcing. We can also assist you with complex systems implementations, hardware and software procurement and IT service agreements. Many of the deals that we support involve global roll-outs.

    Acting for customers

    Assistance through the whole outsourcing deal cycle

    Acting for suppliers

    Responses, negotiation, completion and beyond


    Project management

    Active management and assistance

    Strategic advice

    Help to plan your approach

    Ways we've helped

    ITO, BPO and much more

    Objective-led contracting

    Placing your objectives at the heart of your contracting process

  • We’re excited to be working with a wide range of world-class organisations, where our relationships are built on trust and a commitment to achieve the very best results.

    The stories below show just some of the ways Radiant Law’s commercial contracting support delivers real value to large organisations, from global financial institutions to media and retail giants. Take a look (then why not get in touch to talk about how we could be helping to transform commercial contracting in your business, too):


    Reducing capacity constraints

    Improving efficiency and managing constraints

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    Global outsourcing projects

    Highly complex agreements

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    Supporting a sales team

    Automating contracting processes

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    Helping teams work smarter

    Tools and technology to streamline processes


    Creating fast and efficient processes

    Standardising complex agreements


    Consulting to an in-house team

    Adding value to the business

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    Supporting a product line

    Automated contracting


    Global outsourcing project support

    Strategic and tactical support


    Exit and termination

    Managing disputes and settlements


    Audit of legal support solutions

    Needs and recommendations reporting

"They're great: pragmatic and flexible, and commercial in their approach."

Client feedback, Chambers 2016

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