• With almost every business putting pressure on its legal team to deliver ‘more for less’ and budgets tightening while delivery expectations rise, it’s unsurprising that some people are starting to look at technology for ways to lighten the load.

    Look around, though, and you’ll see that most of the people building the technology are not really close enough to legal work, and its challenges, to deliver a solution that’s truly fit for purpose. Big enterprise systems are clunky and hard to use, lots of areas are being commoditised, but few are solving real problems and adding value.

    Add to that the fact that, according to a Radiant Law survey, more than three-quarters (78%) of general counsel lack separate budgets for process and technology services, despite exactly the same percentage identifying a “compelling need” for them, and you’ll see why many in-house legal teams are struggling to get to grips with the opportunities that technology can bring to legal contracting work.


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  • Technology isn’t the panacea it’s sometimes made out to be, and it’s unlikely to take the place of lawyers any time soon, either. The solution to a fully-optimised legal team delivering at peak productivity is almost certainly a balanced combination of people, process and technology.

    Implementing technology solutions doesn’t necessarily need to mean a business-wide transformation project, either, with all of the time, money and upheaval that entails. It’s about incremental improvement; find a problem that will benefit from a simple solution that can be expanded, using technology in a sensible way to move the ball forwards.

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  • Standardise and automate low-value tasks. Boost efficiency and speed up turnaround times. Save money. Raise quality. Decrease errors. Increase output … LawTech isn’t about robots taking over jobs, it’s about gaining real benefits from simple solutions to manage the routine, and keep your business moving forwards. Radiant Law can help.

    The purpose of Radiant Law is to lead the way in better meeting client needs in creating and growing commercial relationships. We believe that technology is critical to delivering value to our clients, and we are prolific adopters of technology to enhance our services. For us, technology means simple, straightforward and easy-to-implement solutions that allow both our team and yours to work faster, more efficiently and collaboratively.

    Our team will always look for ways to apply automation to our services to deliver better value and speed-up the processes we manage and the transactions we deliver for you. Technology is a means to an end – we employ it where it makes sense. We invest heavily in developing our own proprietary software, which includes employing our own team of developers, and, where appropriate, we also use best-in-class third party products. We also maintain a clear understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of implementing technology to enhance the way your contracts are negotiated and managed.

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