• As the pace and complexity of business increases so does the requirement for up-to-date contract information.

    Large scale strategic reviews of existing commercial contracts, whether driven out of corporate transactions (mergers, acquisitions or disposals), regulatory restructuring or the need for a more rigorous approach to obligation management are key to ensuring that your business can harness and monetise contract data properly.

    However, running these contract projects can be a real business challenge. All too often companies embark on large contract projects without proper foundations, without a process for evaluating, monitoring or measuring the project, without clear goals or objectives, without appropriately skilled resources or controls and without a clear plan to maximise the benefit of undertaking the exercise in the first place.

    It is vital that GCs and Procurement should have a key voice in setting the right strategy as they will inevitably have a critical role in executing that strategy and living with the consequences. Getting a contract review project to deliver on its promise and drive business growth requires clear focus and planning.

  • Large scale reviews. Judgement calls. Valuable management intelligence. Radiant Law’s scalable team of highly skilled lawyers and project managers handle reviews, remediation and transfers using the most efficient technology and processes to manage your position. Expertise you can trust, process you can rely on and results you can be certain of.

    Your business may need large-scale reviews of existing commercial contracts as part of your M&A and outsourcing transactions, the introduction of new contract management systems or the need to understand existing contracts, and those reviews are often followed by the contracts being transferred, amended or rights of use being agreed.

    Radiant Law provides a high volume review service overseen by highly experienced lawyers and supported by rigorous project management. We also support high volumes of contract renegotiations using our team of commercial contracts lawyers.


    Contract reviews

    Understanding your objectives and meeting your needs

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    Contract remediation and transfers

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  • We’re excited to be working with a wide range of world-class organisations, where our relationships are built on trust and a commitment to achieve the very best results.

    The stories below show just some of the ways Radiant Law’s commercial contracting support delivers real value to large organisations, from global financial institutions to media and retail giants. Take a look (then why not get in touch to talk about how we could be helping to transform commercial contracting in your business, too):


    Reducing capacity constraints

    Improving efficiency and managing constraints

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    Global outsourcing projects

    Highly complex agreements

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    Supporting a sales team

    Automating contracting processes

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    Helping teams work smarter

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    Creating fast and efficient processes

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    Automated contracting


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"They're a fantastic team to work with, able to take a very practical approach to our needs."

Client feedback, Chambers 2017