Turn and Face the Strange: key issues in commercial contracting

Posted on May 4, 2016

In the 2015 TerraLex General Counsel Excellence Report, 80% of in-house counsel said they were being asked to do more for less, and 95% were being asked to manage their in-house spend more efficiently. One of the most important issues respondents say they face is adding more business value.

At Radiant Law’s recent workshop on ‘re-engineering commercial contracts’, CEO Alex Hamilton framed the key issues large companies face when it comes to the way commercial contracts are supported, and presented a selection of ideas and frameworks for considering how more value might be delivered to your business.

Radiant Law 2016 GC Workshop Presentation: Alex Hamilton - Turn and face the strange from Radiant Law on Vimeo.

Reinforcing the theory that “there’s no silver bullet”, Alex recommended focusing every day on one fix, somewhere, to make incremental improvements, and gave a number of examples of ways in which external suppliers, technology and process can contribute. In closing, Alex encouraged people to “try a few ideas, be agile, experiment now as the pressure is not going to go away to deliver more for less.”

Building on the ideas discussed through the workshop, we’ve gathered a list of ten things to consider, in order to begin shaping a process that is expressly designed and controlled to meet the needs of your business. To discuss how Radiant Law can help you be a leader of change and deliver more value to your business through the commercial contracts process, complete the form below or email us today.