The LawTech of the future is already here

We came across this article yesterday, describing a day in the life of a GC in 2020.

Obviously, tech was the theme running through everything that this GC of the future performed, from a slow morning start courtesy of legal tech efficiencies giving back time for the important things in life (like yoga), through to a quick AI review of contracts.

All very exciting, and something for GCs to look forward to … except, we’re already there for what was described:

These are just a few examples, there are many more out there and some have been around for a decade or longer.

We couldn’t agree more with the premise that new technologies can, and will, help us to do our jobs better and help us be “healthier, happier people”, but almost everything on the list can be done right now. So, the question is not LawTech availability but about uptake.

If you would like help understanding how best to adopt these systems in the new year rather than wait until 2020, we would be delighted to talk.

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