The hidden cost of 'just existing'

Posted on May 4, 2016

Speaking at Radiant Law’s recent ‘re-engineering commercial contracts’ workshop, Martin Clausen, Managing Director of Syngrato and former General Counsel of Maersk Line introduced the hidden cost of ‘just existing’, with a presentation that looked in more detail at how better processes and technology can be used to boost the impact, reach and value creation of large internal legal departments.

Radiant Law 2016 GC Workshop Presentation: Martin Clausen - The hidden cost of 'just existing' from Radiant Law on Vimeo.

Martin looked at the importance of process improvement and the use of relevant technology that can help you to create efficiencies, with the advice “don’t be the last department head who’s not able to show up with hard data backing up your assertions as to how the business is running or how it needs to evolve.” In closing, Martin encouraged businesses to start considering the areas that can be fixed today, saying “standing still is not an option.”

Building on the ideas discussed through the workshop, we’ve gathered a list of ten things to consider, in order to begin shaping a process that is expressly designed and controlled to meet the needs of your business. To discuss how Radiant Law can help you be a leader of change and deliver more value to your business through the commercial contracts process, complete the form below or email us today.