Radiant Law featured in The Lawyer

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

Tomorrow’s law firm: has anyone asked its clients?


Radiant Law has been featured in an article in The Lawyer discussing 'new law' corporate business structures.

"Following Bruce MacEwen and Mark Brandon’s debate over corporate structures in law firms, LOD’s Tim Bratton asks what it means for clients.

The quality of a blog post can often be measured by the quality and quantity of the comments appearing beneath it. Recent articles in The Lawyer examining the most desirable structure for tomorrow’s law firm do not disappoint. Nor would one expect them to, given their authors, Bruce MacEwen of Adam Smith, Esq and Mark Brandon of Overture.

Look at most of the ‘new law’ providers like the LODs, Obelisks and Radiant – we know what we are good at, we know where we want to be fishing and our business models facilitate that."


Read the full article here.