Most GCs Don’t Control Their Technology Budgets

Posted on Feb 4, 2016

Following the success of our GC Workshop and Networking Event last November, the results of our survey on GCs and senior in-house lawyers have been featured in Corporate Counsel. "Despite the importance of technology to legal departments, only 22 percent of general counsels have a separate budget under their control to invest in technology, according to a survey by U.K.-based Radiant Law. In his commentary for the survey, Paul Gilbert, the chief executive officer of LBC Wise Counsel, bemoaned that so many in-house counsel are beholden to their information technology departments for change. “With so many reputable solutions now available, often hosted, often more secure than the company’s own infrastructure, it is a critical area for in-house teams to assert themselves in,” he says." Read the full article here. We have also produced a white paper, "Implementing Managed Legal Services: Lessons learnt from the Radiant Law GC Workshop", which explores the main themes of the workshop, how to begin to make changes, how to build a business case, designing the contracting process and integrating suppliers and utilises the discussions which took place on the day to illustrate how these issues can be tackled. In this paper we include the results of our survey of GCs/In-house lawyers to illustrate the context in which they find themselves together with the commentary on those findings provided by Paul Gilbert, CEO of LBC Wise Counsel. Read and download our white paper here.