LegalTech: Upskilling for the 21st Century

Posted on Sep 19, 2016

Alex Hamilton, CEO of Radiant Law, has been interviewed for an article in The Law Society Gazette asking, do lawyers need to learn to code?

"Because Radiant Law writes its own proprietary software, Hamilton needs to be able to work through technical points with the firm’s technologists, but he doesn’t believe that coding is a relevant skill for most lawyers: ‘It is similar to learning how to read a balance sheet, or understanding statistical forecasting techniques: it might come in useful, but it is not a core skill. Furthermore, coding is just a fraction of what technologists do – it is the equivalent of drafting for lawyers.’

Hamilton believes that interesting things happen at the crossover between the legal and technology disciplines. ‘Much of the benefit comes from the ability to see the opportunities that tech brings to law and communicate meaningfully with experts in both disciplines. And we will get the most value when technologists and lawyers work together rather than half learn each other’s skills,’ he explains. ‘So although it doesn’t make sense for most lawyers to learn to code, they do need basic tech skills.’"

Read the full article here.