Taking advantage of LawTech solutions

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

We are very proud to announce that Radiant Law has been shortlisted in The Lawyer’s 2016 Business Leadership Awards ‘best firm-wide use of technology’ category.

The Lawyer shortlist

The purpose of Radiant Law is to lead the way in better meeting client needs in creating and growing commercial relationships.  We only charge on a fixed-price basis and our team does not keep timesheets.  Together, this creates a strong incentive to find new ways of doing things better and more efficiently, adding value in the delivery of services to clients rather than “busy work”.

To do this we have been prolific adopters of technology to enhance our services, and where tools do not exist in the marketplace, we have built our own. In order to provide the best possible solution for our clients we continually scan the horizon for new technologies, and maintain a clear understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of implementing technology to enhance the way your contracts are negotiated and managed.

If you’re in a business dealing with high volumes of commercial contracts, and you or your team would be interested in a briefing about the latest contract LawTech solutions and where we believe technology can be most effectively used to support your contract delivery complete the form below, email us or telephone 0203 865 1200.