Implementing Managed Legal Services White Paper

Posted on Jan 20, 2016

We are pleased to publish our white paper on “Implementing Managed Legal Services” which represents the fruits of our GC/In-house lawyer workshop held in London in November last year. The paper takes the main themes of the workshop, how to begin to make changes, how to build a business case, designing the contracting process and integrating suppliers and utilises the discussions which took place on the day to illustrate how these issues can be tackled. In addition we include the results of our survey of GCs/In-house lawyers to illustrate the context in which they find themselves together with the commentary on those findings provided by Paul Gilbert, CEO of LBC Wise Counsel. We hope that the white paper not only provides food for thought but that it encourages and helps those who recognise the need to address the delivery of legal services within their own organisation to take the first step. Please find the paper below, alternatively, you can read it in full here.