Alex Hamilton's comments on BPO Saturation for Nearshore Americas

Posted on Aug 7, 2015

Have LatAm Countries Reached BPO Saturation?


Radiant Law's Alex Hamilton has commented on the possibility of BPO market saturation for Nearshore Americas.

"The issue of saturation crops up routinely in BPO circles. Whether it concerns a particular city or is just a general discussion of the nature of saturation in the nearshore, the buy side, vendors and location are all worrying.

“Off-shore locations are as susceptible as any industry to the normal cycles of supply and demand,” said Alex Hamilton, founder and CEO of Radiant Law. “The cheapest locations are usually the most immature in their infrastructure and supplier base, and as customer demand increases, salaries inevitably go up, and there can be short-term limits in the availability of good people. We would always recommend taking a long-term view that focuses on excellence in training to increase the potential pool of people who can support you.”"


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