GCs lack budgetary control over technology needs, survey finds

Posted on Jan 28, 2016

Radiant Law's survey and findings on GCs and senior in-house lawyers have been published by the Global Legal Post.

"Research from Radiant Law has found that the vast majority of general counsel lack sufficient control over the technology spend of their department.

Only 22 per cent of respondents to the Radiant Law survey said that they had a separate budget under their control for investments in process and onlineusadrugstore24.com technology, despite 78 per cent reporting that such investments would be a 'compelling need' over the next 12 months. Additionally, only 12 per cent of general counsel included in the survey said that they consistently conduct formal reviews of what is available in the marketplace for process and technology support of their department, while more than half admitted that they had no regular assessment procedure in place.

'In-house counsel have always struggled to get the attention of IT, I've never understood why,' commented Radiant Law chief executive Alex Hamilton. According to Mr Hamilton, the survey findings should be a wake up call for the majority of in-house counsel, who are failing to ensure that their own department keeps pace with technological innovation in the broader marketplace. Former LBC Wise Counsel chief executive and general counsel Paul Gilbert backs the need for legal to put pressure on the 'iron grip' of IT departments over process and technology services. 'With so many reputable solutions now available, often hosted, often more secure than the company's own infrastructure, it is a critical area for in-house teams to assert themselves in,' he commented. Around 13 per cents of respondents said that a failure on the part of their IT departments to prioritise the needs of the legal department was the biggest obstacle to new process and technology investments."

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