Cloud computing: What's coming next

Posted on Mar 8, 2016

Radiant Law co-founder and CEO Alex Hamilton has commented in an article for ZDNet, exploring the future of cloud computing.

"The development of cloud computing is still at a relatively early stage. Here's how it's likely to evolve over the next few years.

It is ten years since the official launch of Amazon Web Services -- and, during that decade, the cloud has moved from an over-hyped concept to a business reality.

Today, on-demand IT is used in a variety of ways by organisations of all shapes and sizes. But what will the future bring? We analyse the current market for on-demand services and predict how businesses will use the cloud by 2020.

One executive who continues to search for new ways to make the most of digital IT is Alex Hamilton, co-founder and chief executive of Radiant Law, a commercial contracts firm that uses on-demand IT to communicate with staff and clients. "We use the cloud for all different layers of the traditional IT stack. It allows us to move much faster," he says.

"It's all about ubiquity. I think the cloud has become the accepted way of delivering technology for many businesses now. We work with some very big companies and what we're seeing is that the cloud is a true enabler for agility and productivity."

Such developments lead Hamilton to conclude, like Reuner, that on-demand IT will become a basic building block for transformational technology services. "There are understandable concerns but many have been addressed by the big providers and companies, like us, really are much more confident about going on-demand," he says."

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