Are productivity apps more hype than help?

Posted on Oct 20, 2015

Radiant Law CEO Alex Hamilton has been featured in a BBC Technology of Business article regarding the use of productivity apps in the workplace.

"There are hundreds of apps claiming to help us become more productive, efficient and organised.

The sector is expected to be worth $58bn (£37bn) globally by 2016, according to app research firm VisionMobile.

And research from software company last year suggested such apps can boost worker productivity by more than 34%.

But are they really more hype than help?

Take Slack, for example, a popular real-time messaging app that spans desktop and mobile.

Alex Hamilton, chief executive of Radiant Law, a corporate law firm with offices in London and Cape Town, says his firm adopted the app to help tackle the deluge of emails.

"We have pretty much got rid of internal emails," he says. "The ability to channel discussions is very powerful, and the ability for anyone to join open conversations has helped us really boost transparency across the firm.

"Most of all, it's just really easy to use and people like using it."

Fun and simplicity seem to be key to a productivity app's success."

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