CEO Alex Hamilton comments for the Raconteur

Posted on Feb 21, 2016

Radiant Law co-founder and CEO Alex Hamilton has commented in an article for the Raconteur special report on Cloud for Business, discussing how the firm innovates for its clients.

Cloudy outlook signals disruption ahead…

"Cloud computing has reached a tipping point as buying IT on demand has moved to the core of technology provision with businesses using it to transform their operations.

Take Alex Hamilton, co-founder and chief executive of Radiant Law, an innovative and high-tech commercial contracts firm that uses the cloud to communicate and collaborate with staff and clients. When he established the business a few years ago, Mr Hamilton made a conscious decision to use on-demand technology. “The cloud is critical to the way we run our IT infrastructure, but it also allows us to compete with larger organisations,” he says. Radiant Law uses a range of tech startup tools, such as collaboration platform Slack, to help staff communicate and generate new ideas.

The firm also uses the cloud to scale up IT resources quickly as new business demands become apparent. Such agility means the firm can be experimental without expending too much cost or effort. Innovative ideas include using the cloud for a model that allows client businesses to create new contracts quickly.

The firm also uses on-demand IT to allow its customers to monitor the workflow and value of contracts. “We’re continually looking for better ways to serve the needs of our clients,” says Mr Hamilton. “The cloud provides the base layer that allows us to run our firm effectively, but it allows us permanently to experiment. The future of our business is tightly linked to the cloud.”"


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