• At Radiant Law, we believe there’s a better way for large companies to enter into and manage their commercial contracts.

    With the security of expert legal judgement, the rigour of clear and measurable processes and the efficiency of legal technology, Radiant Law provides agile and flexible solutions that deliver more business value, help build better commercial relationships and free up your in-house team to focus on the strategic issues that really matter. Oh, and our fixed-price model ensures that we’re focused on efficiency, and our goals are always entirely aligned with yours.

    Take a look below at how our combination of people, process, technology and pricing provides a flexible solution to suit your unique requirements, and then find out more about the support we provide:

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    Expertise you can trust

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    Process you can rely on



    Simple solutions to manage the routine

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    Fixed pricing to focus on results

  • Radiant Law is at the forefront of transforming the way commercial contracts are supported in large organisations.

    We can support the whole contract lifecycle of your sales, procurement, licensing and other commercial contracts, from initial design through to negotiation, management and reporting as part of our Managed Legal Service.

    We also undertake large-scale reviews of high volumes of existing commercial contracts, especially where support is needed to renegotiate, transfer or obtain rights to use, and we offer in-depth support for all aspects of major outsourcing transactions.

    In addition, we are leading the way in finding fast, simple tech solutions to legal contracting headaches, both through the development of our own proprietary software and through the review and implementation of best-in-class third party systems.

    Whatever commercial contracting needs you have, Radiant Law is focused on achieving your goals to create clear-cut solutions and deliver outstanding results quickly and effectively.  A fresh approach. Expertise you can trust. Scalability built in. Fixed pricing for peace of mind. Commercial and financial value for your business. Radiant Law can transform the way you do commercial contracting.

    Find out more about the support we offer, as well as a few of the tools and processes that are important to our approach:

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    Managed Legal Services

    Effective, fast and scalable support of day-to-day commercial contracts

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    Outsourcing and technology transactions

    Supporting complex deals with an objective-led approach that focuses on what really matters

    Final feature a

    Contract projects

    Large-scale contract reviews and renegotiations

    Final feature b


    Real benefits from simple technology solutions to manage the routine



    Start faster, capture learning and handle every issue consistently

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    Objective-led contracting

    Placing your objectives at the heart of your contracting process


    Continuous improvement

    Capturing learning and fine-tuning the approach

  • We’re excited to be working with a wide range of world-class organisations, where our relationships are built on trust and a commitment to achieve the very best results.

    The stories below show just some of the ways Radiant Law’s commercial contracting support delivers real value to large organisations, from global financial institutions to media and retail giants. Take a look (then why not get in touch to talk about how we could be helping to transform commercial contracting in your business, too):


    Reducing capacity constraints

    Improving efficiency and managing constraints

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    Global outsourcing projects

    Highly complex agreements

    Final feature b

    Supporting a sales team

    Automating contracting processes

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    Helping teams work smarter

    Tools and technology to streamline processes


    Creating fast and efficient processes

    Standardising complex agreements


    Consulting to an in-house team

    Adding value to the business

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    Supporting a product line

    Automated contracting


    Global outsourcing project support

    Strategic and tactical support


    Exit and termination

    Managing disputes and settlements


    Audit of legal support solutions

    Needs and recommendations reporting

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